Preview – Week 7 Asha

This week’s post is going to solely be a continuation of last week’s small excerpt from the first chapter or intro chapter. As last week’s blog post ended with the excerpt from One, I’ll start this one’s off with Two. Please remember this is not the final polished product.



The flash of the car’s lights flickered in his eyes long before the sound of the horn flooded his ears as he and his cousin walked along the side of the road. He looked past the glare of the light of the car that had just bumped into his younger cousin, his eyes latching onto the green pine tree air freshener hanging from the mirror of the matte black Land Rover in front of him. ‘Green, yet again,’ he thought as his small hands bundled into fists, the added pressure readying him for the verbal tongue lashing he was about to give to the driver of the car. He opened his mouth, and before the vibrations in his throat escaped his lips, he faltered, coming face-to-face with a mesmerizingly enchanting woman he had wrongly thought was the most beautiful he’d ever lay eyes on. She, now out of the car in a frantic mania, was bopping from side to side, looking at what she had done. Ashton’s cousin, Dane, was sitting up in an obviously painful position, his leg dripping blood like the top of the license plate, as the plate’s sharp edges had cut slightly into his flesh; despite his cousin being injured, he was infatuated with the woman with the green pine tree air freshener. She phoned for an ambulance, but instead of giving the street name, she gave an address, which at first confused Ashton.

The beautiful woman bent down until she was at eye-level with Dane’s leg, and ripped her shirt, tying the piece of cloth around his thigh, using it to stop the bleeding. After about a minute of complete silence—other than Dane’s low whimpers—the woman wrapped her arms under the boy’s legs, and picked him up swiftly. The three of them got into her car without making a sound and drove a few hundred feet to a beautiful wooden house with a mailbox reading Green Family. Ashton looked between Dane’s leg, which was gently oozing dark red blood onto Mrs. Green’s bright red leather seats, and the swinging pine tree that was dangling from the mirror, and his hands bunched into fists once again.

The three got out of the car, and Ashton’s focus shifted from the green pine tree to the walkway before him. Trying to help out Mrs. Green, Ash lifted Dane’s foot to try to take on some of the weight, which drew out a smile from the beautiful woman carrying his little cousin. After what Ash wished was a longer walk, they had reached the humongous black door of the wooden house. The woman rang the bell to the right, and in just a few seconds, the door opened on its own, or so he thought. Mrs. Green, carrying a closed-eyed Dane, rushed into the house, knocking down something that let out a squeaking noise. Ashton, stepping over the gold threshold jumped as he looked down in surprise to find a blob of hair connected to a frail tan frame. Confused, he helped the girl up, wondering who she could be. ‘Obviously she can’t be the beautiful woman’s daughter. Mrs. Green is tall, pale, voluptuous, and her black hair is tame and silky. This girl’s face can’t even be seen behind that thick mat of hair.”car-headlights

He snickered at that thought, and just as fast as he felt the rise of laughter within him, his giggle got lodged in his throat and his breath was cut short as the girl he wrongly assumed was mangy flipped her hair and straightened her posture. Gorgeous was the first word that popped into his mind and accidentally made its way past his lips and into the open air to her perfectly sculpted ears. He was studying her, the way her curly chin-length hair naturally tucked itself behind her left ear, the manner in which her lips curved slightly up even though she was nowhere near close to smiling, the mahogany-tone of her skin that was so different from the woman that had driven them to the house, the cute button-like formation of her nose, the curvature of her jaw that led to her long flawless neck; he studied her legs, which went on and on, her hands that were bunched into fists for some reason, and her eyebrows, scrunched in confusion as she opened both her eyes and hands simultaneously.

The first thing that hit him was the volume of her voice.

“Mom!” she yelled, whipping her head to the left in the direction that the woman and Dane had gone. Her eyes then snapped from the doorway the two had disappeared through to Ashton, who stood there with wide eyes and a rapidly beating heart that sped up as her green eyes made contact with his brown ones.

Uncomfortable with the emotion he was filled with, Ash began to ramble. “Hi, I’m Ashton. My cousin Dane and I were racing on the side of the road; we were heading to play with the horseshoes by Grana Bay, but he was running too close to the road and the lady, Mrs. Green, your…mom…I think, hit him. It was an accident of course and we get that. I understand completely. She called the ambulance, and they’re on their way, so we should be out of your hair in a jiffy. Not saying that we’re in your hair, you know, because that would be way weird. I’m just saying we’ll be out soon, so don’t worry about us annoying you or anything because I have a twin sister and she thinks I’m annoying so I don’t want you to think so too; you know? Well, anyway, my name is Ashton. I am 10. Wait, sorry, I’m 11! I just turned 11. I sometimes forget that. Silly me! This is a beautiful house. I love the door. So your last name is Green, huh? That’s ironic.”

“Why’s that ironic?”

“No reason.” He laughed nervously, scolding himself for feeling so anxious around this girl. “So, what’s your name?”

“Selam,” she said, winking at him with those devilishly green eyes, and he thought to himself, ‘Maybe green isn’t so bad after all.’


They were riding in a cab to Brookdale Park and everything around him was green. The car flew by, Ashton noticing, for the first time, how far the houses were from the street in Selam’s neighborhood, the lawns stretching from the sidewalk to the tip of the homes’ stairs. From the newly sprung grass to the dyed tips of her hair, the world appeared green. Ashton’s body was tense and she noticed this; placing her handsSt_Patricks_Day_decor_games_H, whose fingernails were long and neatly painted with an emerald pigment, against the back of his neck, she brushed her rough fingers against the straight fine hairs on his nape. As she massaged him, the tension of his muscles incited by the overwhelming sense of green was alleviated and his shoulders returned to their normal position.

He looked over at her and was once again mystified by her beauty. Her perky nose had just barely passed her full lips, which were lined with Shamrock green for this day of brogue and fortune. Her manicured fingers found their way to his red hair and ruffled it slightly, causing the purposefully flattened strands to stick up as if reaching out to the rainbow that shone so beautifully in the sky.

Selam mumbled under her breath, “Luck of the Irish, huh?” She smiled at him, and it wasn’t her usual, all lips, no teeth smile. This was the toothiest grin he had gotten from her and he soaked in her beauty like the rays of the sun in the summertime. Her hair was straightened today, and in the straight strands were lodged green sparkles that looked as if it’d take days to remove every piece by hand.

Taken off guard, he stiffened slightly as he felt a pair of soft lips press against his cheek, the momentary contact lasting merely a second, but feeling as though a lifetime had passed, a lifetime he wished could be left on repeat. His mind bounced back to the movie he had watched over the summer about the zombie who was brought back to life, had his humanity restored, by a living blonde girl whose heart was bigger than her desire to live a life without love. And, just like the zombie in the movie, he felt his heart begin to pound in his chest. The rush of green became much less overwhelming and much more welcoming, a gentle embrace.


On his sixteenth birthday, his little sister asked him what his favorite color was, and, without hesitating, he put forth the answer: green.


More to come! Check in again next week for an update on my progress.



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  1. brandonlee2016

    Great work Asha. I remember reading this in Creative Writing and am excited to see how this progresses. Keep it up-Brandon


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