Week 6: Disappointments and Triumphs


These past few weeks have been a mixed bag in terms of accomplishments in my independent project.  One of the major disappointments I encountered was a few weeks ago.  I was in the UK visiting some colleges, and I was very excited to realize that one of schools I was touring was home to a world renown institute dedicated to studying the Syrian crisis. I was hoping to be able to stop by and ask the experts there some questions on their opinion on how to solve the situation.  So you can imagine the acute disappointment I felt after I realized the institute was currently closed for holiday.  Thankfully, I plan to return to Scotland later this year, and will give it another shot then.

I soon realized that though I may have missed the opportunity to talk to an expert on the subject in person, I still had many other resources available to me.  So I turned to Google.  With Teacher Betsy’s help, I was able to locate several excellent online documentaries following the Syrian crisis.  One documentary that particularly stood out to me was Inside Assad’s Syria, made available by PBS Frontline.  It followed both sides of the conflict, the rebels as well as the loyalists.  This was especially impactful to someone such as myself which has really only been exposed to the Western media portrayal of the conflict.  I now understand that the conflict flows much deeper than simply a peaceful protest shaken awry by a stray bullet—it calls into question the very ethics of what it means to be a country.  In the next week, I hope to continue to explore the answers to these difficult questions.

Image Credit: PBS Frontline

Watch the PBS Frontline documentary Inside Assad’s Syria here


2 thoughts on “Week 6: Disappointments and Triumphs

  1. brandonlee2016

    Sorry that you were not able to visit the institute in Scotland. I think you made the most of your situation by using the internet as a resource. Glad that you got a better, more well-rounded viewpoint of the conflict from the PBS documentary.

  2. mxagro

    I enjoy seeing how you are using multiple resources to dig deeper and deeper. It is a little bit frustrating not being able to visit the institution, but hopefully you will be luckier next time:)


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