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Memory Test-Brandon

This has been a pretty slow week because I’ve been on college visits trying to decide where I’m going next year. I have had a little bit of time to search for memory tests but none of them seem perfect. They do not have much diversity in questions so it would be hard to get new baseline results. People would get used to the questions so when they try different memory tactics such as visualization, the results would be affected by outside sources. I would not be able to tell if the improvement in the memory test results were from memorization strategies or because the questions were familiar. Continue reading

Preferred vs Common – Randy Dong


There are two general types of stocks: preferred stocks and common stocks. Both types of stocks are counted as contributed capital to a company, which is also part of the company’s equity. In today’s post, we will analyze the difference between the two types of stocks and see what are the advantages and disadvantages in holding either type of stock.

'I have mostly conservative investments in my retirement portfolio, plus a few riskier, short-term performers tossed in as a hedge against inflation.'


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Original– Week 9 Asha

To create a love story that is relatable and beautiful without it being cliché, one must fully develop every aspect of the relationship. One would have to construct personality, interests, and dislikes in what may or may not be used in the telling of the story. I decided to create personality through love letters/stories.


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Week 9: Thoughts and Projections

This week has a been a bit rough in the world of independent projects.  After getting the taste of actually producing something from my research with the interview with Layth last week, I am eager to conduct another interview.  However, if I have learned one lesson from this project, it is that things are almost always easier said than done.  This wisdom has absolutely been the case for me this week.  Immediately after interviewing Layth, I began looking for more potential candidates, ideally a Syrian refugee. Continue reading

Independent Seminar Blog Week Nine – Writing and Basketball

There is not much about my business plan going on this week. I’m in the middle of compiling my plan and I project to finish my first draft within the next ten days. I will share more about that when I get closer to the end, but right now, I want to thank two things that just left huge impacts on me.

This week has been filled with ups and downs. The first half of the week was delightful but I suffered some great losses towards the end of the week. I almost feel that whenever I check my email there is bad news awaiting me. And I can tell you that it is not easy to deal with all the disappointment and frustration, so I needed something that makes me oblivious, something that relieves me and something that recharges me with a fresh tank of energy.

And I turned to two things: basketball and writing. Continue reading

Those Who Open Up My World – Roger

Last week we took a “detour” from the study of entrepreneurship and closely looked at a social movement in the sneaker industry that I have been working on – “Life > Shoes.” This week, as we are heading back to our major research topic, I have found it very beneficial to share with all of you some researchers who have helped me a lot throughout this year’s independent study. Therefore in this blog post I will introduce several “friends” I have made recently and their work so that we can together learn from their intelligence.

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Final Project- Brandon

Last week I met with Teacher Margaret and we talked about what I would do for my final project. I mentioned memory/ perception and emotion as the two topics that I was most interested in. After giving it some thought, I have decided to pursue the memory/ perception topic further. I am not sure exactly what I want to do with my project which is why I’m writing this post. Hopefully some of you can give me a few suggestions.  Continue reading

Stumbling– Week 8 Asha

The following is a portion of another chapter of the story. The highlighted phrases or sentences are a part of an exercise I did in which I read the chapter I wrote aloud and marked any sentences or areas in the text that either didn’t make sense or don’t flow well. I am working on polishing a few of my chapters once I reach fifteen or so entire chapters, each 5 pages single-spaced in length. Thus, I am writing 2-3 chapters a week to stay on track, so my usual beginning, end, and then fill-in method has been entirely scrapped. As of now, I am writing chapters that I wish to combine into a finalized story at some point. However, the individual chapters are not written in any order. Continue reading