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A Quick Flashback With New Gains – Roger

In last week’s blog post, we enthusiastically dived into the study of marketing, as we finished discussing target markets the week before. Since we talked about the definition and the importance of marketing last week, my original plan was to continue the research and introduce multiple different ways of marketing in this week’s blog post. However, after I met with my mentor, Coach Seth Berger, on Monday, I changed my plan. Today we are going to go back and talk more about target markets through a quick look at And One, the sneaker company founded by Coach Seth many years ago. And then we are going to discuss about how I should identify the target market of my sneaker business, Sole Garage, again, but in much more details.


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Introduction to Financial Statement Analysis: Statement of Equity

In the last two posts, we looked at the balance sheet and the income statement of a company. They give a direct view on the current status of a company and an overview of the company’s performance over a marked period. In this week’s post, we will look at the statement of stockholder’s equity, the sheet of information stockholders probably care the most about, because it has got to do with the dividends investors receive, the value of stock they hold, and the structure and dynamics of a company.

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Don’t Lose Track of Your Money: Introduction to Accounting.

Do you keep financial accounts of yourself? Some may say yes and some may say no. If your answer is no, then I suggest you open an excel or grab a notebook as soon as possible because knowing what happens to bills in your wallets is the most efficient way to keep track of your money and the foundation of smart financial decisions.

Businessman in the office flat illustration

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Perception and Memory-Brandon

Where were you on 9/11? Most of you have a distinct memory and could explain it to me in great detail. The problem is, you are probably wrong. On September 12, 2001 psychologists asked a group of people where they were on September 11th. They then went back and asked the same question to the same people but this time they got different results.  The initial group seemed to be recalling false memories based on the stories from those around them and from the media. I’ve linked an article here that explains this is phenomena in greater detail.  The reason I highlighted this example is to show that memory is not as concrete as it seems. Continue reading

Embracing Hindrances – Week 3 Asha

I have begun to follow Bushra Rehman’s Readings & Workshops Blog. In her entry titled “Two Truths and a Lie: Writing Autobiographical Fiction”, which went with a lot of what I wrote about in last week’s blog post, she proposed tactics or methods, and examined dilemmas, for lack of a better word, that made me think a bit more about not only what I am writing, but also what I want to come out of it and where I want it to go. In one of the first sections of the blog, she points out that “thinking is not writing” and “writing is not publishing”. From this, I went on to realize that I do in fact wish to not only have the product finished and wholly written out by the end of the year, but I want to spend my summer, and probably my next few years in college, searching for a publisher. Rehman says that it sometimes takes years to find the right publisher. In her case, it took her six to find Sibling Rivalry Press, the publisher she stuck with. Continue reading

Week 3- Demographics


In last week’s blog post, we explored some major events in prior to World War II and five different Jewish population groups in Europe. As I had mentioned last week, I was going to do some further exploration to Jewish life in Europe before the World War II. Besides the materials provided by the Israeli Consulate General in Shanghai, I also went through some articles and information online. Those materials included two articles written by Dr. Arie M. Kacowicz who was the teacher of my International Relation class in Georgetown University, all about Jewish demography in Europe before World War II. These articles were particularly helpful as they give both empirical data and general introductions. I also watched some portions of a documentary of this topic: “Jewish History- Jewish Diaspora”, which also was rather helpful to me. And I will give a general introduction to what I learned this week.

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Week 3: Progress

It feels like my project has finally started get moving.  I have a clear goal, and all that is left to do   now is jump in and get busy.  This week I kept myself busy, reading a three articles Teacher Jennifer had recommended from TIME magazine, all about refugee children and their stories.  These articles would be particularly helpful if I end up deciding to make a documentary on the stories of Syrian refugee children.  I also watched a short documentary on YouTube about the lives of the refugees.  This was another invaluable resource because it actually gave me a window into the lives of refugees living in temporary settlements in Calais, France.  Here’s the link to the documentary if you are interested:


Photo: Christopehr Pledger/The Telegraph

I have also set up official meeting times with my project advisors at this point.  Unfortunately, both of these meetings happen to fall on the same night (my Thursday evenings are suddenly looking quite busy). but I am excited to show them the progress I am making on my project.  Teacher Joseph is an invaluable resource when it comes to finding articles on the subject and keeping up to date with the current events of the issue.  He also has kindly taken it upon himself to find an appropriate broad documentary on Syria, in hopes that I will be able to learn some more about the country that is home to the crisis.

Teacher Pat has also been incredibly helpful to me throughout my project.  The other night we had a long talk about my vision of the project and what I wanted to get out of it, and she posed a very intriguing question for me.  She asked me if perhaps the reason why I was so interested in studying Syrian refugees was because I can relate to leaving behind my birth country.  My family came to America from England just a few months after my fifth birthday, and though we do go back and visit quite often, I sometimes surprise myself in how much I ache to be back in the foggy hills and grey pastures that are my mother country.  Teacher Pat then went on to ask me how I would feel if a war broke out in England, and if I was never able to return.  I remember an inexplicable wave of anguish washed over me, even just thinking about the prospects.  It felt as if I had lost a piece of me.  While that exercise obviously did not to justice to the sadness Syrian refugees face, it helped me relate to their feelings  a bit more.  As I continue with this project, I hope I will continue to ask myself tough questions such as these and push myself to live in their shoes.  I look forward to see where my new strategy will take me.

Week 2: Some Struggles

I think I am finally beginning to get the hang of working on an Independent Project.   It has taken me a while to adjust my pacing and work ethic, but slowly and surely I am getting there.  Sometimes my project feels a little like what Michael Scott from The Office was describing in the picture below, but everyday I am getting more and more involved in my project and my goals are becoming cletumblr_m67jrcqZU21qhdb1no1_500.jpgarer.

I have found that if I am lacking motivation to work on my project, the best thing I can do is to go on the blog and read other peoples recent posts.  The passion and knowledge of my peers pursuing independent projects is truly an inspiration,  I hope one day my blog posts will be worthy of being posted up there with theirs.  Maintaining my voice is another thing I am trying to work on through my project.  I would like to keep a relaxed tone, but at the same time keep a degree of formality.  Luckily, I have many more blog posts in which I can improve on that.   Here is the website I am currently using in hopes of improving my posts:

One person I am eternally grateful to have helping me with this project is Teacher Pat, my mentor.  After discussing the goals of my project with her, she helped me realize that my original vision of making a ‘sun-dance’ worthy film on the Syrian refugee crisis was neither practical nor the direction I wanted to take my project.  Instead, she suggested I film it more as a documentary.  While at first I was hesitant about this idea, I have sense reconsidered.  My one hope is that the final product of my project is to have produced an accurate and moving portrayal of the crisis.  When considering the goals of my project, creating a documentary definitely makes the most sense.  Though I am sure my vision for this project will change many times over the coming months, I am excited to see where I end up.  Until next week…

Step Up And Show Them What’s Good – Roger

In last week’s blog post, we explored how companies choose their target markets, and we deepened our understanding of how a correct and specific target market can contribute to a company’s success. But after we identify our target market, what should we do to attract customers and publicize ourselves? Marketing, is the answer we need. Starting this week, we will dive into the topic of marketing and examine how we can advertise ourselves in an efficient and attractive way. Today we will learn about the definition of marketing and discuss the importance of it. Now let’s get right into it!

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