Back at it- Brandon

After an almost two-month hiatus, I am back on the blog. In that time, I finished up my first semester research on Bipolar Disorder. Lily and I presented a brief version of what we learned to the school and gave a more in-depth presentation to Teacher Margaret. Overall, both of us were quite pleased with how we finished up the semester.

With college on the horizon, I thought it would be a good idea to shift focus and study general psychology for this semester. I want to see if psychology or neuroscience is something that I want to continue to pursue in college and am hoping that this semester will help me figure it out. The current plan is to finish-up the Yale Online Psychology Course that I started over the summer. While I’m watching the lectures I’m also going to see if I can study for the AP Psychology test.  Even if I don’t place out of a Psychology 101 class in college, I still want a solid foundation.

Memorizing facts is an important part of psychology but I will be unfulfilled if I do that all semester.  I plan on writing a research paper or creating some type of project as my Demonstration of Learning. As I keep going through the lectures I will find some topic that interests me. Right now, I am leaning towards creating a Brain Games type experiment. I always loved how the creators of the show fooled the audience and then explained how they did it through a explanation of the human brain and psychology. Still, this is not a firm plan and I am sure I will develop many more ideas as the semester progresses.

This week, I looked over my notes from the first five video lectures I watched. I also read the corresponding chapters from Peter Gray’s Psychology textbook. There are still a few confusing parts so I might skim over the lectures or meet with my mentor and ask her some of my questions. Since this is the foundation of psychology, I want to make sure that I have a firm understanding of the beginning concepts. Overall, I’m extremely excited for the semester. I love how Independent Seminar gives me the freedom to create my own path and go on tangents based on what interests me that day or week.

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