The End/Beginning — Cleo

I’ll try to be as contained as possible with this announcement: I FINISHED LACERATIONS IN THE DIRT!

Before you get too excited, it isn’t ready to be unveiled to the world, it needs some heavy editing, but it is much closer! You can find a rough excerpt of the first bit here.

More interestingly, I’ve done more preliminary work on my other story:

As I said in my last post, a grave digger, by the name of Urash, falls in love with a man called Hilimaz. Urash is a magician with the power to (unlike all other Sumerian magicians) do both good and evil. With his good he creates intricate tombs for those who have passed, but with his evil he creates horrible storms, just so that he can see Hilimaz at the funeral of whomever was lost in the storm he conjured. But one day he gets careless and it’s Hilimaz’s whose name he carves into a stone. I won’t reveal too much more, but I will give hint:

Most Sumerians weren’t fond of necromancy (but a powerful magician could be capable of doing so)


Above is a Mycenaean tomb similar to the place in which Urash works.



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