Week 12: This was CS50 – Will


Not with a bang but a whimper. CS50 is now over, and I am thankful I was there for it’s final moments. Chance led me to being in Boston the date’s of the final lecture, and with a short Uber ride twelve miles north, I found myself in the halls of Sander’s Theater.


Sander’s is breathtaking at first sight, it feels more like a cathedral then any lecture hall I’ve been in, simple looking up could take your breath away. I had no idea Harvard was this beautiful. My experience with the school was through the video streams of the lecture, which made it seem relatively normal, if not a tad historic.


Turn’s out the entire campus is breathtakingly beautiful. However, the real incredible opportunity was being able to attend a lecture in person. CS50’s final lectures are a bit of a tradition, cake is served, and games are played, and in the case of the girl I sat next to, occasionally people cry.

It felt incredible to be able to join classmates in celebrating our collective success’s this semester. However, there was still work to be done. The Final Project was due this morning at noon and I had done no work on it these past few weeks. I had been messing around with various ideas and found my self in the midst of a very busy weekend with nothing to show for my final project.

Needless to say, after pulling a painful all-nighter, my project is finished. I decided to build a parametric quadcopter. Parametric Modeling is the process of describing a shape, not as a set of points, but as the intersection of a bunch of sets. We use these incredible little concepts called CSG operators (which would be linked here if Westtown wifi wasn’t down when I was writing this). CSG allows us to consider the union, difference, and intersection of lots of sets and make hugely customizable designs. Essentially, instead of defining any element of a design as having a definite size, we define it in terms of another element, thus avoiding magic number programming (which again would be linked here). This means we can scale, shift, and shape our model however we please without any distortion. Think Photoshop’s content aware scaling on steroids. After nearly twelve hours straight of coding, I recorded my video demonstrating my projects and submitted it. I had completed CS50.

2 thoughts on “Week 12: This was CS50 – Will

  1. randyhimself

    Great to see a project completed! Walking the talk isn’t easy and what you have done certainly doesn’t look easy either. What you have done might not be some great innovations, but they do look really solid. Honestly, I might benefit from it more than I would with Fusion.

  2. lwhochbe

    Congratulations on ginaishing the class! It’s been incredible to watch your committment in this, particularly given how high profile the class is. I’d love to see a post explaining the most defining moments for you. What were the most crucial things you learned? What will you do with the information you learned? Will you continue in programming in college (or high school)?


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