Week 12 – Aidan

The last few weeks I’ve been working on polishing different aspects of my sound. I decided to spend some time making an acoustic sounding song without any actual acoustic instruments.

The song below is a track I made for my collective “pizza cult“. All the sounds in this song are synthetic, or created using synths rather than actual acoustic instruments. I worked hard to achieve the acoustic sound the final song has.

One of the most important elements of a song is the reverb. Adding reverb to certain parts of the song can add flair that make certain aspects pop out in a way that it previously wouldn’t have. What I did in this song was put a little bit of reverb on every instrument, to give it a clean, live studio recording type of sound.

Another part of this song that came into play was panning. Panning is just selective stereo. The absence of panning is called “mono”. I panned certain instruments in the song to different sides and directions. With modern panning technology, you can make parts of a song sound like they are left of you, right of you, in front of you, and behind you.

5 thoughts on “Week 12 – Aidan

  1. brandonlee2016

    Your track sounds great. I could not tell that you did not use actual acoustic instruments. You have a mastery of various techniques such as panning and reverb and explained them clearly. Keep up and good work and I hope to heard what you produce in the future.

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  3. lukasdesimone

    Woa dude…. this is so well put together. Truly felt like I was in the room with those instruments, feeling the lo-fi vibe. Stay wavy, my friend.


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