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This week I worked on writing a piece for my blog’s ‘Albums of 2015’ and annotating my citations. The ‘Albums of 2015’ is a compilation of writing where each of the writers get to choose their favorite album of 2015 and write about it and why they chose it. I chose to write about COIN’s debut album of the same name since I think it’s a great upbeat album that stood out this year. I spent the beginning of the week listening to a bunch of albums like COIN’s, 25 from Adele, Oh Wonder from Oh Wonder, and Dopamine from BØRNS since they were my favorite from this year. I decide on COIN and started to write my piece. Since it’s longer than my usual write ups (around 650 words instead of around 250 words), I wrote it then took a lot more time editing to make sure it all flowed together well. I’m happy with my final product and I think it does a good job of explaining why I like the album so much.

As for annotating, I wanted to wait to do that until later so I could have some hindsight on how useful sources were for me. I think it worked better that way because it allowed me to reflect on what sources were more helpful than others in the grand scheme. It also helped remind me of all the research I’ve done and it prepared me to write my final reflection on this course.


COIN Album Cover. Digital image. Brick Street. N.p., n.d. Web. 6 Dec. 2015. <;.

12/10/15 Update

My article on COIN was posted today! You can read it here and the other Albums of 2015 pieces can be found here.


4 thoughts on “Music Blogging- Amanda Covaleski

  1. lmagliente

    This is great to hear how your project is coming together! Are you doing this next semester as well? I’ve also been working on my reflection and annotations. Similarly, I found that the annotations have helped me as I write my reflection.

    1. acovaleski Post author

      Hey Lily! I won’t be continuing this as a class next semester, but I will continue to write for the blog!

  2. brandonlee2016

    I have never heard of COIN however, I will be sure to look them up and listen to a few songs. I am glad that your project is going well and that you started your annotated bibliography. Lily and I also waited a bit before we started annotating our sources and I agree that it is better to wait a while and have some perspective on the sources’ usefulness. When will your blog’s “Albums of 2015” post be released? I am interested in reading your post and seeing everyone else’s favorite albums of the year.

    1. acovaleski Post author

      Hi Brandon! Thanks for your support! It’s hard annotating sources after awhile of not looking at them, isn’t it? I think it still works better that way since it can help put their usefulness in perspective. Best of luck with finishing the semester!


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