Back at it — Grazer

Aside from my refusal to adopt a consistent naming format for my blog posts, one week it’s Grazer – Ambiguous Title, the other it’s Sorry Excuse — Lukas, my work is beginning to pick up again in a good direction.

It’s been a couple of weeks since I’ve last written something here. That’s not to say that I have been writing somewhere else, but instead that I have not focused that much time on this project since leaving for Westtown’s fall break. The Grazer has been a bit neglected. However, this weekend I was in the lab milling with the CNC machine for the first in about a month, and it’s clear that it’s a skill that needs to be maintained with practice and routine, just like playing a sport or an instrument. I was still able to play, but it took longer and I was less coordinated. I remember about a month ago I was very well practiced with the machine, I moved fluidly, and was steadfast in my decisions for what to do next (i.e. which tool to use, which program to run, when to face a piece to a specified height, remembering all the strange idiosyncrasies the CNC mill has, etc.). Where it used to take 20 minutes to mil a piece, this week took three hours! Admittedly that time wasn’t spent entirely with the CNC, a good chunk of it was getting Autodesk Fusion 360 to run on my awfully slow computer, but it took a while to get something made:


First process of the female section of a joint (an hour in)


Second mill process, rounding the flanges (two and half hours in)

So one part done. Not bad for not having returned to this project for a while. The time for each part will quickly plummet as I get more into the swing of things.

In other news, I got a new phone (iPhone 6s) with a big ‘ol camera. Aaaaaaaaand slow motion!

1 thought on “Back at it — Grazer

  1. randyhimself

    Really like the touch of the slo-mo. I have a similar video of my first experiment on my first prototype of the spoon. Good to see someone still grinding (quite literally) on their design and engineering (as the category) project. Seeing this pushes me to go farther with mine. Keep going!

    Just out of interest, how many percent of the project do you think you have accomplished?


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