Future Plans-Brandon

This week, after some back and forth emailing, Dr. Durand-Zaleski sent us her survey. The formatting was a bit wonky but besides that, everything was great. I spent an hour or so modifying the questions so that they would be a better fit for the students in Westtown’s Upper School. I have attached the link for anyone who is interested in checking it out.

Lily and I are meeting with our mentor, Teacher Kiara tomorrow and having her proofread and put the final touches on the survey. Hopefully, the changes that Lily and I made are sufficient and we will be able to distribute the survey in the coming weeks. We will also be meeting with Teacher Deb who is the history department chair at our school. Lily and I are going to talk with Teacher Deb about the possibility of distributing our survey to some history classes. The easy part was getting the survey, now we have to figure out how to get 400 busy students to sacrifice some of their time to answer a pretty length questionnaire. We may have to cut the survey down if we do not get a significant sample size however, by doing that we would lose the ability to compare our results with that of the original study.

Besides distributing the survey, Lily and I talked about the planning for the end of our research. Lily and I have been putting the links of all the articles we use in a shared Google Doc and it is starting to become a jumbled mess. We decided that we need to stop procrastinating and put all of those links, along with proper citations into our annotated bibliography. It should not take more than an hour but I am not looking forward to the arduous process of annotating all the case studies that we have used.

Besides the annotated bibliography, our presentation is the next major milestone. It is difficult to prepare for a presentation while we are still learning new things however, Lily and I decided it would be better that we start now. We don’t want to wait until the week of January 8th to have to throw together a second-rate presentation at the last minute.

As college application season is in full swing, I have been forced to think about my future plans. I have enjoyed my independent so psychology seemed like pretty good option when it came to picking an intended major. As I dug deeper into the programs that the colleges I am applying to offer, I discovered neuroscience. I am drawn to neuroscience because it combines what I love with psychology along with more lab driven research. I talked with my biology teacher, Teacher Dawn and she gave me some general guidance even though neuroscience was not a major offered at the college she went to. I am still firmly undecided when it comes to my college major and future career however, neuroscience is definitely an option. I am both excited and anxious about the future and I’m sure many of my senior friends can attest to that.

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