Week 10 – Aidan

This week I tried to teach myself something that can’t be taught!

I studied vibe. Vibe in electronic music (and probably in other music) is not just a good sound, but also a sort of “give” if you will. If a track has vibe, it’s well polished and distinguishable as the work of a seasoned artist. You can instantly tell an amateur artist apart from a hardened artist by the sound of their track/vibe. In modern electronic music, one of the worst things you can do is make a song stiff. When a track sounds stiff and automated it instantly is less appealing to a listener.

Here’s the 5 things I do to make a track have more vibe.

  • Make notes not quantized, meaning make them not hit exactly on the bar or beat. This makes it sound less like a robot and more like a human. This can also be achieved by adding swing.
  • Layer synths. If you’re going for a complex sound, layering synths is the most important part of the production.
  • Give the mix space. Mixing and mastering are certainly not the most important part of a song, but if you space everything out in a mix, it will sound much better.
  • Define each part of the mix. A muddy mix where all the frequencies mix together isn’t fun to listen to. Every sound fits nicely into at least one frequency range, so I try to define that range and cut the rest of the sound out.
  • Use unique drum hits. I try not to use the same snare or the same bass that everyone else uses. Something as simple as having a unique-sounding snare can change the listener’s impression in an instant.

Listen to my track from this week here

6 thoughts on “Week 10 – Aidan

  1. willmanidis

    Fantastic work as always, Aidan! In coming week’s I’d challenge to define some of the more technical terms you are using here. As someone who doesn’t make music I am not totally sure what words like ‘Layer synths’ and ‘swing’ mean.


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