Week 7 – Linoleum Print Part II – Joseph


This past week has been filled with college visits, causing a lack of time to work on printing and the tardiness of this report. Following the completion of proofs for the linoleum print, I have begun to work on a second block for that print. The second block, which is designed by tracing directly off the proof, will allow me to add another color to the print.  Specifically, the first block represents areas which are the “olive drab” color in the inspiration picture (above).  The second block will fll in the areas which are yellow, including the GM symbol.  Though olive drab and yellow are the original colors, the two colors used in the final print could be anything.  At present, I am done tracing the design for this block, and hope to be done carving by the end of the week.

1 thought on “Week 7 – Linoleum Print Part II – Joseph

  1. acovaleski

    I like how you’re taking your color inspiration from the train! It’s a neat design and I think it would be cool to see you replicate that. Have you thought about other ways you could use the colors, like maybe inverting them and seeing if that looks cool?


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