Slow Week — Grazer

This week has ended in little progress, but some important decisions were made. There’s a pivotal time to follow, as my own future and that of the Grazer will soon be decided.

Let’s start first with the progress. Ever since that first leg was completed, I’ve been staring at it quite a bit, as I normally do to decide a lot of the things in my life. Eventually though, I do make a decision from all that staring, and I think this one was an important one. During all that staring at the finished leg, strung up there hanging from the ceiling (the only space in the shop I had for it), I imagined it proudly walking in line with it’s 5 other companions, and then imagined it not — instead “twisting an ankle,” coming to a screeching halt, and then proceeding to fall over. It was like some weird stress dream you have in the middle of the night before a big day, and everything goes wrong in it, except consciously in the middle of the day. It sent a shiver down my spine, all that time and effort amounting to something that couldn’t walk. That twist in it’s ankle came from the original joint design:

OG handshake joint.

OG handshake joint.

The joints have been lose on the leg, refusing to stay straight if I apply lateral pressure. The ability to keep a straight leg throughout a step is crucial to sound locomotion for the Grazer. To remedy this, I thought to go back a sandwich joint, sandwiching a plate in between two others, providing better straight-line anti-flex turbocharged stability (just kidding about the turbocharged).

Screen Shot 2015-11-04 at 9.16.40 PM

Sandwich joint, ham.

Sandwich  joint, bread.

Sandwich joint, bread.

I’ve started milling for these joints, and it’s been going well with no problems. A good sign if this will be the joint design for the Grazer this point forward.

So the thing that’s really been taking my time up has been studying for the SAT Subject Tests. The school that I really want to go to, Harvey Mudd College in Claremont, California requires two test, one Math 2 and another of my choosing. In an attempt to show off my physics skills, I chose physics as the other test, a test that’s actually not easy at all, and it’s on Saturday (November 7). Yikes.

In other news concerning the Grazer, I’ve entered a new process (but old) to be able to work on the project for yet another semester with my school. This involves careful time scheduling, budgeting, and a fresh look into the art side of this whole project. It’s still to be determined if the ‘beest will reach completion.

Speaking of art, and design, I am involved in a new company started with some other kids at my school called Aether Aeronautics, that’s working to develop a single fixed wing platform to integrate multiple drone capabilities into one. See the website here and my friend Will blog about it here. I also made the logo:

Screen Shot 2015-10-28 at 11.14.36 PM

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