A Few Steps Back — Cleo

As the title suggests, I may have gotten a bit ahead of myself. After a lengthy (but very inspiring and interesting) conversation with my mentor, Robert Whitehall, he suggested that I put a bit more of a plot into Lacerations in the Dirt. He said that the story was more of a divine lament, like many passages from the Odyssey, Iliad, or Aeneid. He thought that this story would be better, functionally, if it were placed into a context.

He and I came up with the idea of putting Cabrakan’s cry on a wall, and an archaeologist, on a tip from a couple of locals, discovering it. The purpose behind this is simply to add a more developed introduction into the context of Cabrakan’s rage and anguish. Some ideas I had for the wall were to have much of it inscribed in relatively fresh clay, to assert this idea that Cabrakan is only now at his breaking point.

I’ll be setting this portion of the story in a heavily wooded area of the Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico (The area native to the Mayans). This amateur archaeologist, expecting perhaps a small town (at best), and instead manages to find a tremendous threat upon humanity written by a giant, will be quite the ride. I’m quite excited to keep moving forward on my story. See you guys next week!

Image Source: <https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Yucatán_Peninsula&gt;

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