Exciting things planned!- Lily

Brandon and I started off this week with meeting with T. Deb. She was able to give us insight of where the two of us might want to go from here. We all agreed that our research so far has been successful, and hope that the next steps would be to continue research on treatments. We hope to find a survey about bipolar disorder and give that out to the upper school.

Brandon and I hoped to find a survey pertaining to bipolar disorder. Kiara suggested that we do not make our own because then we would have to draw our own conclusions based on the data, and we are not at the level to make our own questionnaire and conclusions. So we have been searching for a questionnaire. I found an article called, “A First National Survey of Knowledge, Attitudes, and Behaviours Towards Schizophreniz, Bipolar Disorders, and Autism in France.” This sounds awesome, except it is in French, and we can’t actually find the survey. Brandon and I searched online for the survey, because we know a few people who would be able to translate the survey from French to English for us. Though we could not find it online, I asked T. Betsy if she could find the survey, but she could not. She suggested that we write a letter and ask if we could use their survey. We are currently drafting the letter, but will show it to T. Betsy for approval before we send the letter. Hoping that they will give us access to the survey!

We met with T. Margaret. We all agreed that it would be beneficial to our research and understanding that we find support groups for bipolar disorder. I found Depression and Bipolar Support Alliance (DBSA). This group advocates help for those affected with depression and bipolar. On their website I found an overview of facts of bipolar disorder, including symptoms, treatments, lifespan, and links that offer more information about bipolar disorder. The website has links for education, and peer support groups, help for family, friends, and peers, and resources and publications for clinicians. The top of the website says, “We’ve been there. We can help.” I really like how these two simple sentences offer so much help and hope to those affected by bipolar disorder. If one visits the website, those two sentences could make one feel not as lonely, and will gain access to the help they need. DSBA offers fundraisers, conferences, and events to support bipolar disorder. I want to keep researching what other support groups there might be for bipolar disorder, and see if there is a possibility of being involved with the events. Brandon and I have a lot of work to do, and I am excited to send the letter and get a response, hand out a survey, and continue learning about bipolar disorder!Unknown-5

Photo: Take the Survey. Representative Fred Crespo- State of Illinois 44th District.
Representative Fred Crespo, n.d. Web. 26 Oct. 2015.

1 thought on “Exciting things planned!- Lily

  1. randyhimself

    Let the survey’s rain. Really interested in how you guys are going to handle the data collected from these surveys. Really really hope your work will help the researchers improve the lives of those with bipolar. Really really really impressed by your dedication and effort!


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