Week 7 – Aidan

I did some remixing this week and a lot of collaborating.

This week I remixed a song for the first time in a while: Kiss Me Thru The Phone by Soulja Boy. This was one of my favorite songs growing up, so I decided to give it a modern touch. Remixing a song with vocals is usually tough. This is because its virtually impossible to remove the drums from a track; the part that thwarts you from making extreme changes. Luckily there are many sites where there are things called “acapellas”. An acapella is just the vocal track of a song. These can come from either the artist releasing it/it being leaked, or a skilled producer EQing* the vocals out of the track. You can listen to my version of Kiss Me Thru The Phone here.

*EQing is typically equalizing. You may have an equalizer in your car, or on your phone. Equalizing is the act of boosting a certain frequency, ie. bass boosting or treble boosting. In this case, EQing is a broader term; it means basically equalizing and phase inverting a certain part of the track out, which isn’t always possible. The vocals reside in a certain frequency range (typically 3-7kHz, unless you have a really strange voice). Now what is phase inverting? Phase inverting is when you create similar frequencies as a song, then cut them from the track; thus isolating the part of the track you want. In this case it’s the vocals. These two combined, with a lot of work, can bring a “DIY acapella” into fruition.

What else did I do? I did a lot of collaborating. In the electronic music world this happens when an artist sends a work-in-progress beat to another artist, and the other artist finishes it or works on it back and forth until you have created a collaborative work of art. I’m collaborating with Halpe, Explore, and Goldwater.

You can listen to my works from this week here.

4 thoughts on “Week 7 – Aidan

  1. cleokelleher

    I love how well the bass track lines up in your remix, it sounds really good! I’m wondering two things, did you cut the vocals yourself or find an a cappella version online, and were those drum beats your own, because they worked tremendously well while being very different from the original.

  2. realrowo

    Aidan, it’s great seeing you giving us some detailed explanation of EQing and phase inverting, as they are two very important techniques required for both instrumental production and post production of hip-hop music. I like how Soulja Boy’s Kiss Me Thru the Phone has inspired you to your new production. Such a process happens to me all the time as well. I basically deigned my last project according to Drake’s Nothing Was the Same theme since I love that album so much.

    It’s great seeing you getting into technical stuff more and more, keep up your good work homie!

  3. acovaleski

    This is coo! I like how you described the process of collaborating. It’s cool to see how you remixed the Soulja Boy song too. It’s definitely recognizable but I like your spin. It’s a little more ethereal and I can appreciate the difference between yours and the original.


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