Music Blogging Week 7- Amanda

I spent my time this week looking though SoundCloud and researching more about reviews. I found both tasks rewarding this week since I found a song that I really liked and was able to write a review for it and what I found in my research was very interesting.

My usual approach to finding songs is to start with something that is posted or reposted by the accounts I follow and listen to a song from those accounts. If I like the vibe of the song but I don’t think it’s that great, I’ll look through the related tracks section and listen to those songs and continue that until I find something I really like. I don’t like to limit myself to searching tags on SoundCloud because I feel like I could miss out on a lot of interesting music. If I’m having a really hard time finding songs, then I will start by searching for things that are tagged ‘indie’ or ‘alternative’.

Luckily, the song I wrote about this week (which can be read here) is called ‘Her (Loving You)’ by an Australian band called GLADES and it was an easy find since I just opened SoundCloud one day and it was on my homepage. I found a different song by a band called MIAMIGO through the GLADES-Her-Loving-You‘recommended tracks’ method and that took a little longer. Both songs are a bit more on the shimmery-indie pop side of things so they’re more pop-focused than I’m used to writing about. I’m glad that I’m finding songs that are different from my norm because it gives me a chance to write about different things. It’s also surprisingly easy to switch genres and comment on something that’s fresh since it allows me to think about new ways to express my opinions.

As for the research this week, I took the brute force approach. I went to Google and typed in “writing effective music review” just to see what would come up. The most useful things I found were an article by a classical music reviewer, a peer “how-to” by a student editor, and an article from The Guardian. The classical music reviewer focused more on technical terms and things like that, but all three emphasized writing to appeal to the reader instead of focusing on personal goals. Even though none of them were terribly helpful, they provided some good insight because they were all pointing me in the same direction.

This coming week I plan on writing about that new song and focusing more on research. I want to look at how people respond to reviews, so I’ll look at websites where comments are enabled. I think it will provide some good insight into how reviews are received, especially if I focus on the tone of the review and the response to that.

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