Week 6 – Aidan

This week I spoke with some friends and tried to pick up new ideas from them.

The first person I spoke with was my good friend Joey (Raava). We talked about 808s.

An 808 is a term that could also be known as just bass in modern production. It’s a pitched down squarewave with no intensity in most cases. The reason why Joey’s 808s are interesting is because he bends them around between different notes a lot, creating a nice effect.

The other person I spoke with was Ryan (Ryanjacob). We talked about 3 oscillator synth basses

More bass! This time it’s what’s known of as a “reese”, which is a bass pad synth. This pad is created by pitching a sinewave down 3 octaves, turning the polyphony* up to 8 voices or so, lowpassing** it, and detuning it about halfway. This creates a crunchy yet soft moving bass pad.

*polyphony is the number of voices a synth has. For example if a synth is mono then it can only create one version of itself at a time, but if you have more than one voice, it can create more than one version of itself at the same time, hence the name POLYphony.

**lowpassing is when you cut out the high frequencies of a sound. In real life, wearing headphones is a form of lowpassing. The opposite of lowpassing is highpassing, which is where you cut the low frequencies of a song. Just like those two, notch passing is where you cut both high and lows, leaving just the middle frequencies (often occupied by noises such as acoustic instruments and human voices).

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