Week 4 – Woodcut Image Design – Joseph

DSCN5566-4This week, I decided to take a break from the linoleum print and turn my attention to the image design for my woodcut.  My inspiration for the woodcut came from a photograph I took during a trip to south-central Pennsylvania.  I chose this picture because I feel that the unique painted lettering will help to add an extra dimension to my print.  Also, I am looking forward to experimenting with different ways of using the woodcut tools to carve the lines representing the sheet-metal roof on the structure.  DSCN5566-3The final image for the woodcut is actually cropped out of the larger image.  I decided to do this because it helped to simplify my print and focus the attention of the viewer onto the roof and lettering.

1 thought on “Week 4 – Woodcut Image Design – Joseph

  1. T. Joyce

    Nice thoughts on the roof/lettering concept! Have you used a composition frame to look at various options for the composition moving the centering over a tad or up or down? I like the idea of simplifying the overall image, better to highlight the structure and actual textural aspect of the process!


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