Week 5 Blog — Cleo

This week had been a nightmare! I spent countless nights awake and trying to stay on top of all of my work while simultaneously making progress on my story. I got a little more research done on the Hero Twins, who are some of the antagonists of my story (although in traditional Mayan myth they are obviously considered heroes). But in significantly more exciting news: My first story is finished! It needs to be edited still but I’m going to be moving on to the Mesopotamians shortly.

Ancient image of the hero twins

Ancient image of the hero twins

This story was something which was incredibly difficult to let go of, and it took a lot to convince myself that it was indeed ready to move on, and that I had added all that I should. The story itself is a living creature, and it grows on its own, and for many writers, it’s hard to find the sweet spot where you can say, “Okay, any more would be too much,” and move forward. This letting go of a story is so hard because it’s something you’ve devoted yourself entirely to, and something that inspired you to wake up in the morning. This story, Zipacna and Cabrakan’s story, found it’s end. Which may be bitter, but also sweet, because now I get to start all over with something new, and I am excited to open the door into the next world that I will explore.

One last note: I settled on a title: “Lacerations in the Dirt”

Also, I know I haven’t posted one in quite some time, but, here is an excerpt of my draft:

There was a time before them. This terrain was not yet littered with the blood and hearts of my loved ones. The world was ours. Back then I was not forced to fear for my brother’s life. I never even considered being forced to watch as they drown his body in asphalt. The mountains which I myself created binding him at the hands. And in those days I would have been strong enough to demolish their kind with the flick of my wrist; but now poison coats my throat, I am too weak to purge his body of these creatures. I miss my untroubled youth. Zipacna and I belonged to a world like no other. Our father lived in the heavens with gods like himself. And so my brother and I were free to roam the desolate globe without a care. I was infatuated with creation, building mountains to scratch my father’s celestial home; my brother loved to break. Oh, how we did play so! I would make my peaks as high as I could, and he would tear it into a deep valley, leaving me with new material to create my next masterpiece of altitude.

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2 thoughts on “Week 5 Blog — Cleo

  1. brandonlee2016

    Cleo, you do a great job of creating vivid descriptions and entertaining dialogue. This excerpt “And in those days I would have been strong enough to demolish their kind with the flick of my wrist; but now poison coats my throat, I am too weak to purge his body of these creatures.” was my favorite piece. I hope that you publish your final draft in the following weeks so that I can find out what happens in the story.

  2. lwhochbe

    Congratulations on finishing your first story! That actually puts you ahead of me; I’ve been having some trouble with writer’s block. Anyway, I love the excerpt (which I’m pretty sure I have read before). As you said, it needs editing (mostly sentence structure and gramatical), but the content is there. I appreciate how you adept you are at adding modern relevancy to a story concerning characters who were created over two millenia ago. And by the way, it is indeed bittersweet; as wonderful as it is to finish work you’re proud of, it’s hard to move on when you’re so involved in what you’ve created. I look forward to reading this story as well as the next one!


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