Week Four Blog — Cleo

This week I spent a majority of my time away from writing and dedicated myself more to learning about Mayan mythological themes and the broader ideas of Mayan belief. I found article Here that helped me tremendously with that. From the article I learned a lot about, not Zipacna or Cabrakan (who have been my primary focuses in past weeks), but the ubiquity of Mayan culture relating to their worship. One of the many things I learned, is that the Mayans did not believe that their world was the final piece of creation, they believed that their lives were one of many stepping stones for the gods as they attempt to achieve perfection.

Mayan Architecture, greatly influenced by religion

Mayan Architecture, greatly influenced by religion

I also learned about their worship habits. The only people who would have worshipped Zipacna or Cabrakan were essentially cult* members. They would worship in secret because the brothers were considered evil and worshiping demons like them would have been sacrilegious.

I would strongly recommend this article to anyone interested in general Mayan culture and myth.

*The word cult is used here as the closest modern comparison, but is not exactly correct.

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