Week 3 – Linoleum Print Image Design – Joseph

_DSC0020Over the past two weeks, I have been working on developing an image to turn into a linoleum relief print.  The process of linoleum relief printing basically involves a linoleum block, which is carved with the desired image.  Ink is applied to the raised areas, and the image is printed, leaving areas which were carved away white.  Typically when I’m looking for inspiration for a print, I turn to my other passion, photography.  I carry a camera with me everywhere I go, and am always on the lookout for interesting patterns, text, and subject matter which I can draw on for inspiration.

My specific inspiration for this project came from a really interesting letterpress shop called Ink+Smog Editions (look at some of the posts from 2013) which I ran across while doing research for the bottle-jack press.  In perusing their website, I was drawn to the linoleum prints which depict things you might see while walking down a street such as signs, lettering, and highways.  As I was looking through my own photographs, I ran across one which I took at the Museum of Transportation of an F7 diesel locomotive in General Motors‘ demonstrator paint scheme (yes, I admit I’m a train geek).  With it’s sweeping curves, clean lines, and beautifully painted GM logo, I decided it would make the perfect image for my first linoleum print.


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