Week 4 – Aidan

This week, I actually uploaded a track publicly, which I haven’t done in a while.

What I focused on this week was learning a synth/sampler called “Absynth 5”. The main appeal of Absynth is it’s “mutate” function. This allows you to tweak samples and synths in a huge variety of ways, which is nice when the sound of something is becoming a bit stale or repetitive. I used Absynth mainly for making backing synths in the songs I made this week, since the most important part of a track is it’s layers.

In my opinion, the part of a song that needs the most layers is the percussion. I like to have at least two rhythms going on at once, so they clash and make it so the listener can’t focus on just one part of the song. For example, layering a triplet hi hat pattern over a 4/4 kick pattern creates a nice dichotomy of sounds.

Two of the tracks I made this week:

  1. ubuntu
  2. unnamed

Tracks that inspired me this week:

Herzeloyde – Latte

Gallant – Weight in Gold (Oshi remix)

Blytz – I Just Want to Know You (Raava remix)

One thought on “Week 4 – Aidan

  1. realrowo

    I listened to “I Just Want to Know You” you mentioned at the end of the post, and I see how it has influenced your own work. It makes me think of myself and how I get inspirations from other artists for my own music, and I become more thankful for such a process. Your new work sounds more mature and smooth than some of your past productions. I am so excited to see you making lots of progress. Keep it up my man!


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