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Exciting things planned!- Lily

Brandon and I started off this week with meeting with T. Deb. She was able to give us insight of where the two of us might want to go from here. We all agreed that our research so far has been successful, and hope that the next steps would be to continue research on treatments. We hope to find a survey about bipolar disorder and give that out to the upper school. Continue reading

Starting on Mesopotamia! — Cleo

For the past two weeks I’ve been gearing up to start writing my next story! Since the Mesopotamians are going to be my focus for this one, I decided to begin with some basic research on their culture and beliefs. So I’ve been reading Daily Life in Ancient Mesopotamia, an excellent overview (as the title would suggest) about Mesopotamian daily life and culture. My focus was, of course, on the religion section. But one subsection caught my eye: Sorcerers, Exorcists, and Diviners. This span of 20 or so pages was full of wonderful information about the Mesopotamian belief in magic.

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Red Handed — Grazer — Lukas


This week I tested out what I made, as I’ve started to accept that what seems like it should work in the computer doesn’t always work out in real life. However, the results I got back confirmed what the computer said should happen, so that was a pleasant surprise.

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We Do It With A Mission! – Roger

In my last blog post published two weeks ago, I wrapped up my research on the relationship between innovation and entrepreneurship with a detailed examination of companies such as Tom’s and Warby Parker. Over last week I switched the focus of my research onto identifying the significance of a mission (statement) for a startup company. And just like innovation, a correct mission, often introduced in a concise but wise mission statement, can help a company in multiple ways, including raising its market value by attracting additional customers, and solving practical problems present in our society nowadays.

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Survey Development -Brandon

Researching case studies is certainly an important part of my independent project however, there are many other ways to learn about bipolar disorder and mental illness in general. At the beginning of the year, Lily and I talked about creating a survey for the Upper School students. It would give us an opportunity to share our research with the student body and involve them in our project. Also, the survey would allow us to better understand the general public’s perception of bipolar disorder and mental illnesses. Continue reading