Week Three — Cleo

A brief progress update:

My first story is beginning to find its way to the end of the writing phase. I think that it is structurally and stylistically complete, however, it needs more detail and description before I can enter the editing process.

The main focus on my post this week will be answers. Since my last post, a few questions have been raised that I thought I should clarify, so as to further explain my project:

The first thing is that my stories do not directly focus on placing ancient mythological characters into modern society. My purpose is to explore their emotions, whether they be implicit or not, and to find meaning behind their story for modern society. For instance, with my current story, the giant Zipacna was never depicted as woeful or crippled; I implied this from his story and history. I hope to explore their emotions in greater detail, and try to generate, in Zipacna’s case, sympathy for one who is deemed evil.

Another question raised was concerning the mention of pollution in my last post. To be less vague: In this story I am trying to present harm done to the Earth as harm done to Zipacna. Also, this pollution is not in reference to ancient Mayan culture, but to the modern world. In this story, Cabrakan, Zipacna’s brother, sees the damage that humanity has done and continues to do to his brother and worries for him. This piece in particular is not presented as a piece located in any particular time, for the two Giants have been trapped in their place before time, and (probably) have little to no concept of time.

As for where my story does and does not overlap with traditional Mayan mythology: the stories of how Zipacna and Cabrakan became imprisoned are completely as the myth would state it; however, where I deviate from what might be considered “true” to the myth. The pieces about Zipacna being injured by humanity’s disregard for the Earth, as well, Cabrakan’s earthquakes being an attempt to purge the earth of the human species, and various other pieces of that nature are all of my own creation.

I hope this has cleared any curiosity about the direction of my project, but if not please feel free to comment with more questions!

Also, for anyone interested in mythology, I found a website which directly connects to the Encyclopedia Mythica: http://www.pantheon.org/articles/z/zipacna.html

Also this is an interesting artifact, a figurine of Vucub-Caquix, the father of the giants:

1 thought on “Week Three — Cleo

  1. lwhochbe

    It’s fascinating how well connected you are to your characters emotions. Having read what I think is the majority of this story, I can tell that the link between author and narrator is incredibly vivid. However, I always wondered how time played a role in the story. Maybe the point is that it doesn’t matter because Cabrakan is an ageless giant, but from a reader’s perspective, it could add relevancy to hint at the fact that that it occurs now, therefor making a stronger statement about our rapid destruction of the Earth today, rather than at any undisclosed time.


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