What is bipolar disorder and the symptoms- Lily

Bipolar Disorder is also known as Manic-depressive illness. Those affected with this disorder undergo sudden shifts in moods, energy, and thinking. This is much more severe than being moody, for example one might go from being very happy to feeling depressed and abusive. It is estimated that about 3.5-6% of the population suffers from this mental disorder.

Symptoms usually develop from the late teens to early adult hood. One might be diagnosed with bipolar disorder by the doctor, who will ask questions about any previous diagnosed mental illnesses and about family history of mental illnesses. Men and women can be affected with manic-depressive illness. While bipolar disorder can be genetic, brain development/ changes or stress can also be factors to the condition. The symptoms of bipolar disorder are arbitrary. One may experience a few extreme low episodes before they switch moods again. One may need assistance when experiencing a depressive episode because their mental state might not be able to handle their thoughts or actions. The symptoms of bipolar disorder may worsen if one does not seek out help or treatment. Bipolar disorder does not have a cure but is commonly controlled with therapy.

After this research of what bipolar disorder is and the symptoms, Brandon and I have a firm understanding of this illness. We have a plan of delving deeper into our understanding of the disorder. We have already received a few articles about borderline personality and social perceptions. Our concentrated and extensive research each week will lead us to knowing about the diagnoses, stigmas, social perceptions and more of bipolar disorder. We also planned with Kiara that we want to see what the Westtown community thinks about bipolar disorder—we plan to write up a scenario of a person with bipolar disorder and hear people’s feedback about what they think is going on in the scenario and what their reactions are. Brandon and I are finding databases and articles that provide information that will help us in our research. bipolar-symptoms-400x400

Photo from: 10 Subtle Signs of Bipolar Disorder. Health. Health, n.d. Web. 20 Sept. 2015.

1 thought on “What is bipolar disorder and the symptoms- Lily

  1. realrowo

    Great job in summarizing bipolar disorder in such as concise but also clear way. I want to read more examples of bipolar disorder and how it has influenced people’s lives. I look forward to reading your scenario of a person with bipolar disorder as well as your guys’ feedbacks.


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