Week 2 – Aidan

This week, I focused on movement in my compositions. Movement is an abstract idea rather than something you can just ‘create’ per say. What I think of as movement is when you have a defined build to your song; it’s all going somewhere. A key part to this is layering percussion. When you listen to cinematic orchestration, the big booming drums leading up to a certain climax in the scene is a major part in the composition. It caries the music along to a different place. This movement is what I tried to create in a song I made this week. You can listen to it here. I look forward to utilizing this concept in my new works.

Some examples of movement in electronic music:

Mr. Carmack – Runner

GRRL – Go Up

Losco – BDC

4 thoughts on “Week 2 – Aidan

  1. realrowo

    Good work Aidan. Dylan and I will be running the rap club this year and we plan to complete a Westtown mixtape by the end of this year. I am excited to see how this is going to evolve and your work on instrumental beats will definitely help us profoundly. I have also been a producer for several years and I absolutely agree with you about the importance of drums.

    Keep in touch and I am looking forward to your new projects.

  2. brandonlee2016

    I like how you related your music with movement. Comparing drums and body movement is a very unique concept. I look forward to the other topics you will focus on and integrate into your music.

  3. acovaleski

    I think this is really interesting! I always look for some sort of “plot line” or progression in the songs I write about and I wondered about whether that was a conscious thing musicians focus on or if it was just something that happened. I think it’s neat to see how you approach making music and I definitely heard the movement you were talking about in your song. Great work! I can’t wait to read more of your blog posts, it’s cool to get your insight on the creation process of music since I look at the finished product and try to guess what the artist was going for.

  4. lukasdesimone

    I really like the track you made for this. I like how you added breaks into the song in some unexpected places, returning to the opening theme, it makes the song simultaneously energetic and relaxing. Good work, make it public!1!


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