First Post – Printmaking Expanded – Joseph

A sampling of my work being displayed at a Westtown gallery show last spring.

Some of my work being displayed at a Westtown gallery show last spring.

I decided to do an independent study in printmaking because I have discovered that I have a real passion for printmaking through the two times I have taken Westtown’s printmaking class.  For my independent seminar, Printmaking Expanded, I will spend time exploring printmaking techniques which are outside the scope of that class. During Printmaking Expanded, I plan to further my knowledge about traditional printmaking techniques, or ways of reproducing hundreds or thousands of identical copies of a single image.  By “expanding” printmaking, I will take the traditional methods and techniques, and use them in new and different ways.  For me, there will be no boundaries on the definition of a print.

My personal goals for Printmaking Expanded are to take advantage of the opportunity being offered to me to gain experience within the discipline of printmaking, and receive feedback on my work.  I want the focus of this project to be the art itself.  The first project which I am going to work on is a study in linoleum relief printing.  This is designed to be preparation for my second unit, which will be a woodcut for entry in the Wharton Esherick Museum’s “Imprint” competition.  Next week, I will further discuss linoleum printing.