Week Two Blog — Cleo

I began getting into the writing phase of my story this week. I spent a good deal of time over the past seven days trying to come up with a good story to tell about Zipacna: I was going nowhere quickly. So after a few days of no inspiration I decided to further research not only more about the Mayan personification of the ground, but also his family. That’s when it hit me: Zipacna’s brother, Cabrakan, was god of mountains and earthquakes. I decided to write the story from Cabrakan’s perspective, talking about his worry for his brother’s health and welfare.

My original idea for the story began by treat humanity like a parasite, and Cabrakan’s earthquakes were his attempts to remove humanity to effectively stop them from continuing to harm his brother. As writing this it developed more and more into a statement against pollution. Cabrakan’s role metamorphosed from a spiteful seeker of vengeance to a caregiver, trying to treat Zipacna’s injuries.


Modern artist’s rendition of the Mayan demon Zipacna:  https://www.deily.org/api/v1/explanation/file/5555cd45154096366c63d34c/file/

Here’s a short excerpt of the story thus far:

“Zipacna and I were sired by greatness. Our father, Vucub, held fire before Ahau ever could. We are the true legends, Zipacna and I: the giants, the immortals. The slate, on which this inferior tumor of a species grows, once our palace, has been tainted so vilely by Hun’s two children: those who stripped our father of his throne at the helm of the sun, and bound him to the land of the dead. The ones who dropped my own creations atop my brother, coating our once perfect land with his flesh. Then poisoned me and left me atop my kin, both to suffer eternally.”

Here I found an excellent history of the Mayan Giants.

1 thought on “Week Two Blog — Cleo

  1. acovaleski

    I like the way you chose to get around your writer’s block! I think your story will be very interesting with the new direction you’re taking since it gives room to explore how other people perceive the persona you’re exploring. I think it would also be neat to have a story where the narrator changes that way you can see Zipacna from a first person and third person perspective. The excerpt sounds interesting and I look forward to reading more!


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