Music Blogging Week 2- Amanda

This week, I spent more time looking through SoundCloud to find some music that grabs my attention. I found more songs outside of my usual interest which was neat for me. Usually I like songs that are more toward the electronic side of indie rock, but more guitar-driven or hip hop songs were piquing my interest. I think I write best about music that’s more relaxed and beach-y, but this semester I want to try writing about different genres. Finding some different music I’m interested in is very encouraging for me. I think I’ll be able to find music that I’m excited about that is out of my writing comfort zone and more challenging to write about. I find it easiest to write about music that gives me feelings I can translate into images. That’s why I find it easier to write about beach-y laid-back songs since I can explain what it’s like to have the wind blow through your hair or lay in the sun. I think this write up about HUNNY’s song ‘Cry for Me’ is the best example of my writing this for type of review. If a song makes me feel like lying on the beach, I can communicate that much easier than other types of music.

The few songs I did find I sent over to my editor and I heard back from him about some of them. I got the ‘ok’ to write about a song called In My Head by a band called HAWAI. I wrote about that on Thursday and submitted it, so hopefully it will be up early this week. This song is a little different from what I usually write about since it’s a little more dour than my usual indie pop. It’s harder for me to put the more gloomy songs into words even though I like them more than the upbeat pop-y songs. I want to find more songs like this and write about it since I think the few reviews I’ve done of darker music worked pretty well. My first write up was about Sir Sly’s debut album, You Haunt Me and I’m very proud of that piece because it was the first that I wrote and it covered a full album. It was vastly different from the more upbeat music that I’ve been writing about, so I’d like to go back to that. Of course, it depends on what I can find and what appeals to me. I’m guessing that as the days get shorter and the weather gets colder I’ll be drawn to the darker ethereal indie again, but I always write about the music I’m interested in. I’m excited to see what songs and artists to see what I will find this semester!

1 thought on “Music Blogging Week 2- Amanda

  1. lmagliente

    Hey Amanda! I think it is super cool and exciting that you are doing an independent about music… especially because I know you personally and know that music is a really big part of your life. I am excited to be listening to the music you blog about. Do you find all of your music on Soundcloud? (I might make an account and follow you on it if you have a specific list for you independent project). But anyways, excited to hear where your project brings you!


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