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Hi! My name is Amanda Covaleski and I’ll be spending this semester writing for a wonderful music blog, When the Gramophone Rings, and researching what makes a review effective and engaging. I started writing for WTGR last December after I decided that I would love to try combining two of my favorite things; writing and music. I’ve written 10 articles so far (which you can read here) and hope to write many more this semester. It’s been difficult to find time to write as often as I’d like to, so I decided that doing music blogging for an entire semester would be a great way to further explore this interest. It not only gives me the time to find music and write about it, but also to look into how I can improve my writing for something so specific. I’d really like to improve my reviews and see how I could take them to the next level this semester. So far, it’s been a great experience and it’s exposed me to a type of writing that is challenging, but enjoyable. Music is very personal and emotional and everyone experiences it differently, which is why trying to translate that feeling a song gives you into words is a delicate task. Not everyone will relate to a song or hear it the same way you do, so my job is to write about music so it appeals to a large audience with different tastes and expectations. It’s incredibly rewarding to see people respond to the songs I post about or even have the artists reach out and thank me for writing about their music. I love connecting with people through music and I think it’s a large part of why I decided to write about music and share my thoughts with a larger audience.

I’ve spent my time this past week digging through SoundCloud to find some songs I find worthy of writing about. SoundCloud is great because it’s open to everyone; there’s established artists and producers as well as people who are just recording in their basement for fun. There’s also a huge amount of genre diversity which really makes it easy to find just about anything, including music that doesn’t even fit in one genre. The downside is that there is so much music that it usually takes awhile to find a song that really grabs your attention. I’ve found a few this week and I’ve sent them to my editor and I’m waiting for his “ok” before I write about anything. Soon I’ll start looking into what makes a good review and get in touch with my mentor to see what resources I could use for that research. I’m excited to make some musical and personal discoveries this semester!

2 thoughts on “Music Blogging- Amanda

  1. realrowo

    Great work Amanda. I am very interested in reading what you will write about music (of course especially for hip-hop.) It would be interesting if you will write about my songs on soundcloud lol. Interesting topic anyways.

  2. randyhimself

    Really excited to see your work. Music can be confusing and of course like you said personal. Just like gourmet food, music is also a pleasure to one of our senses. Maybe critiquing and interpreting music also has a huge audience just like food and restaurant reviews. Hmmm, a music critique who goes to all kinds of music bars and, virtually, new releases, wouldn’t that be the best job ever?


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