Bipolar Disorder Research- Lily

Last year during an advisor collection, Brandon mentioned the idea of doing an independent project regarding psychology. This immediately intrigued me and I wanted to partake in this independent project. Brandon and I planned to take the Yale online course on psychology and conduct experiments to make it a hands-on learning experience. Our mentor, Kiara, who is very educated in psychology, recommended that we focus on a specific topic within psychology. We agreed to focus on mental illness. Though after watching a few classes from the Yale course, we agreed that this course does not offer the section of psychology that we hoped for. Brandon has a personal family relationship with mental illness, so he was convinced that he was is called to study mental illness and psychology. I befriended and served a woman over the summer who had a multitude of mental illnesses. She even shared with me some of her thoughts pertaining to mental illness, and for this experience, I want to delve into a deeper knowledge of psychology and mental illnesses.

2015-09-11 19.00.51 (1)

We began with the question, how do social interactions/ relationships affect mental illness? We decided to focus on bipolar as the mental illness. Brandon and I plan to read from multiple resources, recommended by Kiara or T. Deb. We have also found reliable sites to deepen our understanding of social interactions and bipolar disorder. We plan to apply our knowledge and question the Westtown community of their understanding of mental illnesses. We will then present at the end of the semester the basics of what we learned, and the information gathered. It is also a possibility to create signs to promote awareness towards those affected with bipolar disorder.

2 thoughts on “Bipolar Disorder Research- Lily

  1. realrowo

    Same as the comment I left under Brandon’s post. I am very interested in seeing you guys talk about how some symptoms of Bipolar Disorder are actually common in our daily life and explore Elisa Lam’s mysterious death from the perspective of Bipolar Disorder. Great work.

  2. randyhimself

    Hmmmm, trying to figure out a way to finance works and efforts that create social values… Honestly, lots of respect for you guys trying to bring your knowledge to Westtown and help people with it. That’s why we learn stuff, right?


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