Week 11

This week has been quite stressful for me with crazy workload: all the senior work (reflection paper, senior essay, senior play rehearsal), schoolwork, and AP exams to study for. Fortunately I still managed to shoot a few sequences earlier in the week. This week I did sunrise at boys end, Lower School drop-off in the morning, and Middle School Recess.

IMG_0473 IMG_0748 IMG_0084


Both the Lower School one and the Middle School turned out fine, but the sunrise sequence was overexposed. I have shot sunrise sequences before and the same thing has happened. I learned to fix it by setting the exposure lower on manual mode, such as -2/3 or -1, when the sky is still dark so that the photo won’t be overexposed after the sun rises. When shooting sunrise or sunset, I usually put on manual mode instead of aperture priority mode to avoid flicker. However, I read something online that says the opposite. On learntimelapse.com, an article tells me that if the light changes, consider shooting in aperture priority mode, which is the mode I used to use to shoot sunrise or sunset. Does that mean I was right in the beginning and switched to the wrong mode? The article also mentions the flicker problem and offers some ways to solve it. (http://www.learntimelapse.com/time-lapse-photography-how-to-guide/) So I think I will try the AV mode again and see if it works better than manual.

This coming week is going to be another crazy week with rehearsals everyday and AP exams, but I’ll try my best to keep shooting!

Until next week,


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