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Bio-Gas in India: Testing this River Idea – Purification Oasis Pools

I’m sending tendrils into this river cleaning idea. This week held essentially two major breakthroughs – and one big question of timing. I have to cover a lot of ground as I rework this project, but I do believe with a smaller, better defined goal, I may be able to achieve this. W Continue reading

Week 8

Unfortunately it was rainy and cloudy for most of this week, so there weren’t many opportunities to shoot on weekdays. However, the weather did get a lot nicer on the weekend. I shot two sequences this week, both of the main building but from different angles (see below). I also went down to the lake on Saturday trying to shoot since my last sequence of the lake didn’t turn out very well. Continue reading

Bio-gas in India: Returning to the Drawing Board? Soon to be Clean the Ganges?

I have reached a point in my independent project which I always knew was a possibility, but which I was not necessarily expecting. Many business ideas are scrapped, many projects abruptly change course, many projects must be brought back to the drawing board. After a conversation with my mentor it is dawning on me that this is such a project. Continue reading

What’s Next? – Xan

I’ll start with the good news: the control system for the hand is in a very good place. All of the tests that I’ve done so far have worked very well, and I have some rudimentary hand control code working. The prototype control system is basically done — it just has to be implemented.

That’s the bad news. We do not (as of yet) have a mechanical, motor-driven hand that I can link to the control system that I’ve been developing. All this means is that I’ll have a lot of work in the weeks ahead. This increase in workload will probably make the blog more interesting! (More content!) Or less? It will depend entirely on how much you like mechanics, design, and engineering. Read on for some basic information about the next few months.

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Senior Project and updates

It has been a long time since my last blog post. I had a long and fun spring break, and I hope you all did too! For my two-week-long senior project, I continued to do time-lapse photography. I went to Seoul, Korea the first week and my hometown, Shanghai, China the second week with my roommate, who also did a photography project. Continue reading

The Evolution of the Helicopter

It has been awhile since I last posted because of my Senior Project and spring break, so now twenty five days later I am back to continuing my research on the evolution of the helicopter. My past few posts have been about two of our past wars and the role the helicopter played in each. Continue reading

Grazer – Taking Form — Lukas

A part being milled.

CNC milling.

It’s been a while since I wrote my last blog post, and a lot has happened since then. It’s been a time of relative accomplishment, amidst a trend of thinking, grinding, settling, and redoing.

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