Week 10

Thanks to the weather this past weekend, I made a lot of progress this week. Since I don’t have much time on the weekdays, I usually shoot my sequences on the weekends. And this week I shot seven in just two days. On Sunday especially, the clouds were white, clear, and in perfect shapes, floating in chunks. I originally planned to study for my AP exam on Sunday, but when I looked outside, I couldn’t think of anything better to do than to take photos. It would be such a waste (of the clouds and the blue sky) if I didn’t go! Something nice about time-lapse photography is that although it is time-consuming, you get to do other things while the camera shoots. So I was walking around the campus, looking for good spots, and reading while waiting.

I went to South Lawn (again because you can get so much out of there), the lacrosse field down by Stone House, the Science Building, and the lake.

IMG_0003 IMG_0630

IMG_0909 IMG_0263 IMG_1121


I might not use this one in my final video because the color isn’t so great and the clouds are too dense, which causes me trypophobia..

I also tried the “roof angle” I mentioned in my last blog again with the science building. Different from other buildings at Westtown, the new science building is square and has glass French windows, which gives a more modern feeling.


These sequences are the rose of this week. The thorn is technology difficulties—there isn’t enough space on my computer for the new photos, which means I also couldn’t compile them into clips with the software like what I always do. I have already bought a 2 TB hard drive and will make sure to solve this problem before my presentation.

This week I plan to shoot sunrise, Lower School drop-off, Middle School recess, and maybe more.

Until next week,


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