Evolution of the Helicopter

This past week was a week of little research using books or online sources for a very important reason. I was visiting one of my top college choices to attend accepted students revisit day and decide whether or not I wanted to attend Worcester Polytechnic Institute. However, my visit turned out to be useful relating to my topic of the evolution of the helicopter and its role in current society. I attended the Aerospace Engineering lecture on campus to hear more about the major I plan on taking next year. During this lecture the director of the department and two seniors planning to earn their Masters degree in their fifth year. I got to observe their model plane they designed using specific parameters and it was designed to complete three challenges which were to fly three laps around a course, then fly three laps carrying a five pound weight, and the last one was to fly five laps and drop wiffle balls. Besides learning about the major and the types of projects the students attempt and try to complete successfully.

After the presentation about the model plane they designed using solely battery power, I learned about the aeronautical industry including helicopters involved in the United States Defense Department and commercially including airplanes as well. The major itself is not super common for college students however the average salary in this industry for first year out of college students is $56,000. So there is money in this robust industry and there over 500,000 people working in the aeronautic division of the economy. In the northeast alone, the average salary per year grows to over $100,000. Implying there is growth and a sustainable amount of money in this industry. There are many people working and adding to this economy for aeronautics including national defense.

Besides learning about the aeronautics industry and the major itself, I am setting up a conference call with a United States Coast Guard Aviation Commander early next week to discuss the role of the helicopter in one of our long lasting divisions of the military! I am excited to takes notes on what he has to say about the role of the helicopter today.

Thanks for reading!


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