New Discovery

Although it had been cloudy and rainy during the weekdays, fortunately the sky cleared up on the weekend with some nice clouds, which gave me plenty opportunities to shoot. I shot three sequences over the weekend, in which I learned something new.

If you have read my previous blogs or seen my photos of Westtown, you might notice that all of them, except for the ones of people, were shot from a wider angle and from a distance. I have two lenses, but I usually use the wide-angle one so that more can fit into the frame and the photos look fuller and more dramatic. However, on Saturday, I discovered a different angle from which I can photograph the main building. Unlike what I usually do, which is to shoot from either boys end or girls end to include the whole building or most parts of it, I positioned a very small section of the building on the bottom of the frame and left the rest 2/3 for the sky. I thought it would be cool to try this new angle because the clouds were moving fast in different shapes and directions and the simple horizontal composition gave a sharp contrast between the red bricks and the blue sky.

Here is what it looks like:


The sequence turned out really well, so I might do a couple more close-ups like this one, especially with rooftops.

Here are the other two I shot on the South Lawn:

IMG_0316 IMG_0574

This week I’m planning to work on the boys end, lower school and middle school.


Until next week,


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