A New Test Platform – Xan

In preparing for a meeting with the hand’s recipient to test  the EMG controls that I’ve developed, I’ll be spending the next day or two building a new test platform. The platform will contain all of the necessary electronics for the hand, a space for batteries, and five servos. Even though we’re not going to be using servos in the final version of the hand, they are still very easy to use and will suffice for tests. Keep an eye on GitHub over the next few weeks as I update and add multi-emg servo control code. My hope is to get a setup built with three EMGs and independently activated, servo controlled fingers by the end of this month.

This new test platform will be much more aesthetically pleasing than the old “HandStand v1.0”, seen here in a slightly disassembled state:


The new stand, “HandStand v2.0”, will be made from either laser-cut acrylic, or CNC-cut Aluminum. I look forward to posting pictures of it upon completion!

1 thought on “A New Test Platform – Xan

  1. Ellen

    I am amazed and in awe of the progress Xan has made on this project. This “non-scientific” mom is filled with gratitude and respect for Xan and the team of students and teachers for their dedication to this project.


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