Bio-Gas in India: Testing this River Idea – Purification Oasis Pools

I’m sending tendrils into this river cleaning idea. This week held essentially two major breakthroughs – and one big question of timing. I have to cover a lot of ground as I rework this project, but I do believe with a smaller, better defined goal, I may be able to achieve this. We shall see how the timing works out – but with this week’s ideas I may have settled on an avenue that answers the timing question – yet poses one of social return in local financial empowerment. Let me explain: breakthrough number one came while reading statistics on the Ganges population issue.

After pursuing an article about Segway inventor Dean Kamen and his drinking water purification device I was left with one sentence seared in my mind:

We’d empty half the hospital beds in the world if we just gave people clean water.

blog 8.1

Everyday millions of people in India bath in the Ganges, use it to brush their teeth and clothes. With the intense pollution this contact is hazardous to one’s health. As I read through the statistics there was mention that the purity of a river can be categorized in 4 categories.

A: safe for drinking, B: safe for bathing, C: safe for agriculture, and D: excessive pollution

The weight of such a huge endeavor, to even make a dent in improving lives by tacking such a dauntingly intense problem had been weighing on me, but then I thought to myself: “what if a dent is enough?” “What if I can push the river up even 1 category?” “Even a section of the river?” This was break though number one.

So I began digging and I happened upon a startup: + Pool, breakthrough number two.
Blog 8
+ Pool is start up that is endeavoring to create swimmable (by state and local standards) pools in the Hudson River that simultaneously provide a space for recreation and purify massive amounts of water that pass through them via filtration. “What if a similar system was implemented in the most popular banks of the Ganges, to mitigate some of the risks inherent for using the river in bathing or cleaning?”

And thus flows the direction of the business. While settling on another mode of attacking the sanitation issue so quickly is a big step in fixing my timing – getting back on schedule – I’m still left with a conundrum. This answer, as I mentioned above – poses a financial question: “How do I use these purification zones to create local financial stimulation and value?”

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