Week 8

Unfortunately it was rainy and cloudy for most of this week, so there weren’t many opportunities to shoot on weekdays. However, the weather did get a lot nicer on the weekend. I shot two sequences this week, both of the main building but from different angles (see below). I also went down to the lake on Saturday trying to shoot since my last sequence of the lake didn’t turn out very well. But unluckily the trees looked plain and dull without the leaves, and somehow the sky seemed to shoo all the clouds away every time I went to the lake. I guess I will really have to pay extra attention when picking a day to go to the lake!

Here’s the series of main building so far (including the one this week):

Main Building 1/27

Main Building 1/27

Main Building 2/22

Main Building 2/22

Main Building 4/7

Main Building 4/7

Here’s another one shot from the field by the health center (I made a gif):



With the weather getting nicer this week, I plan to shoot a sequence of the sunrise from boys end (I’m praying that I can get up… not a morning bird), the lower school, and the lake hopefully. I’m also thinking about putting the “Westtown School” signs at the two gates in my sequences, which could be the first or last clip of my final video.

Until next week,


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