Senior Project and updates

It has been a long time since my last blog post. I had a long and fun spring break, and I hope you all did too! For my two-week-long senior project, I continued to do time-lapse photography. I went to Seoul, Korea the first week and my hometown, Shanghai, China the second week with my roommate, who also did a photography project. Since Seoul and Shanghai are both big modern cities and I have never been to Korea, my goal was to capture the both the similarities and differences between them as well as to experience the Korean culture.

Winter in Seoul wasn’t any better than winter here. Everyday my roommate and I would wrap ourselves with thick layers and walk around the city in the cold to visit different attractions with two heavy camera bags and a tripod. The weather was warmer in Shanghai, but walking 6-7 miles had become our daily workout. Although the process was painstaking, it was worth all the effort when I saw my final video.

Here is the final product of my senior project, which I will present this Friday.

I haven’t gotten completely back on track yet on my Westtown project, but I have shot a sequence this week and have some more planned. One sequence I plan to do sometime soon is the lower school drop-off, which I mentioned in an earlier post. As the weather gets warmer and the day gets longer, I can shoot more in the early evenings, especially around sunset time. And location wise, I plan to shoot some more at the lake, boys end, and some other places that students don’t go to that often.

Until next week,


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