Some ideas – Liz

This week I didn’t get to shoot any sequence due to weather and the starting of spring sports. However, I did communicate with my mentor and T.Margaret and did a little research online. I will share some of the ideas here:

1.Snow melting

Since it is still quite snowy outside (and it snowed again today), my mentor suggested that I do a time-lapse of snow melting. It is a cool idea, but I think it might be a bit challenging because I don’t know when and where snow will melt quickly enough for me to shoot a sequence. But I will look around the campus tomorrow and find a sunny and warmer day to shoot (if possible). Trees might be a good choice because snow melts much faster on the leaves and branches. Here is a video of what it will look like:

  1. Joint collection

I want to do a time-lapse of joint collection on Tuesdays, from people coming into the theater to their leaving. It would be interesting to see the theater going from empty to full and then to empty again in such a short time interval. I’m thinking about trying to shoot from both the stage and the back of the theater, just to see which one looks better. I am planning to shoot one this Tuesday from the back.

  1. Lower School drop-off

T.Margaret suggested this cool idea of doing a time-lapse of Lower School parents dropping their kids off in the morning. Similar to the joint collection one, there will be a lot of movements in a short time interval. I plan to do this one after spring break, when the weather gets warmer. I hope I can capture both movements of people and the sun rising.

This week will be my last week at school before I leave for my senior project. For my senior project, I will still be doing time-lapse, but in Seoul, Korea, and Shanghai, China. I hope to capture the similarities as well as the differences of those two modern cities with distinctive cultures. It will be a fun experience and I can’t wait to share it in my blog after I come back!

Until April,


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