Successful Servo Activation & Multiple EMGs – Xan

I succeeded this week in my goal of getting the servo to activate 100% of the time through use of the Muscle Sensor, and was also able to read different muscles independently of one another! Check out the video below (it’s pretty cool!), and read on for more information.

In the video, the smaller screen is that of the Vernier EMG that was lent to me, while the graph on my laptop screen is that of the Muscle Sensor Kit v3 (MSK). The Vernier EMG electrodes are attached to my upper arm, while the MSK is attached to my forearm. Either muscle can be read without triggering the sensor on the other, so the muscles could be used to independently control different functions – say, the fingers opening/closing, and the thumb opening/closing.

You’ll also see the servo activating when I move my hand. I’ll probably attach that servo to one of the hand prototypes tomorrow, to see if I can at least get a finger moving. I’ll probably take a video of that as well, and upload it with my next post.

If all goes well (And as of late, it has been), I’ll be able to get a prototype working and have a meeting with the recipient of the hand relatively soon. I’ll have a more definitive answer on that by next week.

Over the next few weeks, I’ll probably buy more sensors, write more code, and try to get a basic prototype of the hand control system working. This project will slow down during the month of March as I leave the US to do my senior project in Italy, but after that it will continue.

Also, I haven’t forgotten about Github! I’ll upload the current hand code to Github sometime soon. I need to rebuild the code a bit so that debugging and testing is easy. I may end up producing two versions of the code, one with lots of debug features and a simple version for normal use. Both, of course, will be put onto github. The repository can be found here, but it does not have any code as of yet. It will soon, I promise!

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