Grazer — Prototyping — Lukas

Motivated by a slow start last week with CAD software, I have began to explore other options.

Since it may take a while to get the CNC machine operational, I began prototyping some other joint possibilities. One of the benefits of milling parts on a CNC mill would be that it’s easy to make more identical to making the first one (that’s the hard part). This would hopefully mean a walking system the traveled straight and true, without hitches in the movement. I started to think that maybe I don’t need such tight tolerances. I came up with three versions of a joint:


The first one I made (bottom), consisted of two pipe fittings connected by a screw, with each piece not resting in the same plane. Although it would make constructing joints easy, it would also mean a less structurally stable leg. The second type I made was a marriage of 80-20 aluminum components used for building robots and PVC. Although it was messy and sacrilegious, it actually worked pretty well. The last joint I made was out of aluminum half-inch tube and half-inch box aluminum. This joint has two female ends as opposed to directly interfacing with a length giving unit, making it easier to quickly swap in and out a full joint.

Top view.

Top view.

The entirely aluminum joint raised up a new material possibility. Although more expensive, it would look really cool, provide all the structural sturdiness I could ever ask for, and would not break as easy.

If I was gonna make it out of aluminum, this is wear I would get my materials:

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