Week 4 – Liz

This week’s blog post came a bit late because I was on a college visit in Los Angeles from Thursday to Monday. It was nice to get away from the freezing winter on the east coast for a few days, but I might have also missed some opportunities to photograph the beautiful snow. Hopefully I can catch up on some snow time-lapse this week before it melts away! 😀

As I mentioned in my last blog post, I shot one sequence in the dining room last week. I set up my camera and left it at the very front of the dining room for a whole lunch period. It was interesting to see the dining room go from half-empty to full and then to empty again. I’m thinking about shooting at a sports game this week or joint collection so that I can show more aspects of student life at Westtown.

One thing I learned from this shooting experience is that I should set the interval time between each photo shorter when shooting time-laspe of people because people move faster than clouds. In other words, I should (or my camera should) take pictures at a higher frequency—three or four seconds a photo instead of five or six seconds a photo. (If this sounds confusing to you, I will quickly explain how time-lapse works. The camera takes photos every n seconds for about 20-40 minutes, depending on how long one wants the final clip to be. Then the 200-400 photos are compiled into a usually 10-30-second short video clip, with each photo taking up 0.01 or 0.02 seconds.)

Here is a photo from the dining room sequence:


Until next week,


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