The Evolution of the Helicopter

This past week was one spent gathering new book sources for my research. I normally do the big chunk of my research on the weekends when I can spend an extended period of time researching helicopters. However, this past weekend I was visiting a college I was accepted to so I only had time to skim through my book sources. I downloaded three books onto my kindle to use for my research on helicopters. One was a federal guide with regulations for flying helicopters, while the other books were about the proponents of vertical flight and the designing of helicopters. I also am emailing a current member of the United States Coast Guard as he prepares a piece of writing discussing the role of helicopters and how they are used in the Coast Guard. I am also trying to set up a meeting with him so we can visit a Coast Guard air station together. Lastly I am planning to visit the American Helicopter Museum either this weekend or next and take pictures and notes on a few basic helicopter designs. I will be in contact with them this week.

As I have been doing more and more research, I am finding I am much more interested in the current designs and the modern day use of helicopters than I am in the invention and history of the helicopter. I am going to research the monumental historical pieces in the history of the helicopter that have contributed to its evolution, but I am going to focus my work more on the role they played starting in World War II up until today, with extra focus towards their role in the Coast Guard. Next week I plan to focus my blog post on the emerging role of the helicopter in World War II and choose the most dominant helicopter type to look at. I also have prepared a set of questions to ask the employees at the American Helicopter Museum for when I visit in the next two weeks. I want to gain as much understanding as I can on the contributing factor of each part and component of the helicopter when it comes to flying it.

I am counting down the weeks until the American Helicopter Museum helicopter spring rides weekend!

Thanks for reading,

Jeremy ‘15

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