Grazer – Big Bots – Lukas

The spindle cover of Westtown’s very own CNC mill


Enter the computer-aided world.

This week, I’ve started learning more about computer aided design and manufacturing tools. Unfortunately however, I’ve spent little time doing so, as most of it has been occupied with a lot of chemistry and crunch time on the robotics team as our deadline nears. Overall it has been an exhausting 7 days, but I have been able to get a start on designing necessary components for the real Grazer.

A typical view in Rhinoceros

A typical view in Rhinoceros

Pictured above is the beginning of some very early joints, designed in Rhino. The software is pretty complicated from first glance, so I started watching some youtube tutorial to get started. Granted, I have no idea what 99 percent of the buttons in this program do, but enough to put a triangle on top of a cylinder, so it’s a start!

Speaking of not knowing what anything means, I added the Tormach PCNC 770 owner’s manual to my light reading.


And this was my reaction:

So maybe the manual is a bit too intricate to actually be useful, but I have been learning a lot from one of the mentors on the robotics team, someone who has experience operating CNC mills. Although our mill does not yet have the necessary software for automated operation,¬†we have been using it quite a bit for tasks that would be awkward by hand or ones that require a finer level of precision. It’s interesting learning about even the basic anatomy of a mill, let alone the techniques involved in operating one.

Hopefully I will have learned more by next week!

Tormach’s website:

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