Nannofood – The Next Steps

This week has been centered on working toward a launch – I have less than six weeks. It’s both exciting and horrifying.

Nannofood has been quite the project, and as I move forward it has started to eat more of my time. This is fine, though — I am incredibly passionate and love working on this. However, it is also nerve-wracking; I have a business launch in 5 weeks and 5 days/40 days/956 hours (the pitch is in the morning and I posted this in the afternoon, so it’s not perfectly 960 hours).

I have been moving forward on social media and really been building a presence. The current goal is to hit 250 likes on Facebook by next Monday (check us out here!), and to post something at least every other day. If we can have social media looking solid for the crowdfunding campaign launch, it will look great for potential supporters.

In addition, I am also stepping up to a 50 gallon barrel culture to get the ball rolling on algae production so that we have samples ready for our launch. The way this will work is that I will be on stage with one other person giving a pitch to potential investors and supporters of our crowdfunding campaign on the morning of Monday, March 23. As that is happening, two Nannofood team members will be launching our crowdfunding campaign. I have been working on contacting connections like bloggers, celebrities, family friends, investors I have met along my own life journey, and anybody else who could support the project in terms of spreading the campaign or backing our campaign.

With that, it is relevant to note that in 20 days, I will actually be taking a month off from school. From March 2 to April 2, my life will be completely dedicated to this business. No other goals or projects: nothing but Nannofood. So, with that month, I will be travelling around, attending conferences and events, networking, meeting up with friends and connections who are able and willing to support my endeavors, and scouting out places to move in June to continue the business. I am putting a great deal of time and effort into this project, and that month will help me create a solid plan for the next two months and my exit strategy after graduation.

A quote from Steve Jobs that I find inspiring. Image courtesy of

This week’s quote is from Steve Jobs, and I don’t think it could be more relevant. With how much time I am spending on Nannofood now, and how much preparation and leg work I am doing for the next few months, I can definitely see that this is what I love doing. I love working with aquatic life, and setting out with a mission to make a difference in the world. I have big ambitions, but I think the most important thing is to keep moving forward.

Until next week,


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