Bio-gas in India: Choices, Choices, Choices

In beginning to give physical form to this idea that has been floating in my head I needed to know more specifically how a Bio-Gas worked. When I set out on my researching campaign the answer to my question of “how do I build a Bio-Gas digester?” actually turned out to be another question:

Which type of Bio-Gas Digester is best for my project?”

As it turns out there are 10 type of widely used Bio-Gas digesters and Plants:

Large Industrial-Scale Batch Plants:

Batch Plants – fed in large batches

Semi-Batch Plants – can be used to digest multiple types of compost/manure together

Continuous Plants – fed continuously, stable output (most common modernly used plant)

Small-Scale Digester Types:

Horizontal Plants – simple, good for places where shallow installation is necessary, but                       susceptible to gas leaks

Floating Drum Plants – expensive, usually used in agriculture

Low-Cost Polyethylen Tube Digester – very low-cost, very simple construction, popular in                   South/Central America

Ferrocement Plants – low material output, cheap, but specialized workmanship required for               repair and construction

Balloon Plants – low-cost, simple construction, but hard to repair locally and short lifespan

Earth-pit Plants – low-cost, easy acquire materials, but short lifespan

Fixed Dome Biogas Plants – simple, low-cost, labor intensive construction

The design of a Fixed Dome Bio-gas Plant.

The design of a Fixed Dome Bio-gas Plant.

So far it seems as though the Fixed Dome model will be most effective in achieving my goals. Due to the labor intensive process of creating Fixed Drum, which could be used to stimulate the local economy by employing workers, the low cost, simple design and ease of repair this design would be well suited for smaller scale applications. As I push on to customizing the design to the specifics of socially and environmentally sustainable manufacturing and ecological impact standards it will become clearer if Fixed Dome really is the most effective option.

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